QuickWick (Pack of 10)

QuickWick (Pack of 10)

$ 7.95
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It's no small feat when convenience comes to vaping and QuickWick is the next step in vaping's evolution!

No more measuring, cutting, trimming, etc. your wicks for a new build or when the old wicks get nasty. QuickWick lets you re-wick your coils without all the hassle of prepping wick yourself! It's the perfect option for taste-testing, on-the-go, or simply enjoying the convenience.

QuickWick includes 10 individual QuickWicks within the high quality embossed container pictured here, approximately the size of a mini-Altoid tin. QuickWick is currently available in a 3mm outer diameter with 3.5mm, 4mm, and 4.5mm coming soon!

Get a 20-pack of QuickWick refills here.

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