Medusa Pre-Built RDA/RTA Coil (2-Pack) & Mesh (5-Pack)

Medusa Pre-Built RDA/RTA Coil (2-Pack) & Mesh (5-Pack)

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Medusa Pre-Built RDA/RTA Coil (2-Pack) & Mesh (5-Pack)

The lovely folks at Medusa bring you some killer pre-built coils so you never have to wind your own RDA or RTA coils ever again! With a variety of styles and resistances, you'll never go back to wrapping your own coils again. Period.


Coil Styles:

  • Alien Clapton 0.25 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Clapton 0.6 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Framed Staple Clapton 0.3 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Fused Clapton 0.3 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Helix Staple 0.25 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Juggernaut 0.45 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Parallel Fused Clapton 0.2 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Parallel Tank Track 0.2 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Ribbon Twist 0.15 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Snow Grip 0.65 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Staggered Fused Clapton 0.45 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Staggered Staple 0.2 ohm (2-Pack)
  • Tank Tracks 0.45 ohm (2-Pack)

Mesh Styles:

  • #300 316L Mesh Square (5-Pack)

Note: Resistance may vary as mounted coil lead length, etc. All effect build resistance.

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